Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cassandra Cain News Update

Here's something from Gail Simone's tumblr account regarding Cassandra Cain:
mmm. I’m going to say something that will not be popular, but it’s true. A lot of the comments about these kinds of topics are addressed so insultingly and in such an accusatory fashion, that I imagine it actually pushes editors away from certain characters. If Character Z’s most loyal fans are represented by people who only scream and insult, I think that probably ensures that no one wants to work on Character Z, really. I know that sounds a bit harsh, but I imagine it’s true, and I’ve seen that before. 
So, I would say, make your case, write letters, make tweets, whatever, but try to be polite. You don’t have to kiss anyone’s ass…but don’t leave the editor with the feeling that you’re just going to be screaming no matter what they do. 
Also, yes, it is still reality. Putting your real name on your message, where possible, ups its credibility rating immeasurably. People who deny this, are, I’m sorry, kind of kidding themselves. 
That’s the general thing. More specifically, I think, particularly in a case like Cass, I think it’s perfectly fair game to explain WHY this character means so much to you. Editors are people, just like us, and most of them are fans. Let them know WHY this character connected with you. And let them know that you will support the character, and urge others to do so, as well. That stuff carries weight. 
I wish I could say more about Cass…I know she’s scheduled for a couple things, and I personally am waiting to hear back about a VERY cool thing with her, but even if I COULD say what it was, it’s not yet a sure thing. 
But I love her, I’m hearing your voice, and a lot of other people at DC, are, as well. Keep it up, and it will happen!

I really don't know how I should react to this. Personally, I guess you can include me in the list of kicking and screaming fans BUT I do try hard to give reasons to my rants. For example, I've said many times before that I never, NEVER want first time readers to pick up the current Batgirl or Birds of Prey books and think that Cass never existed! Because quite frankly, on both of these titles Cass has been pretty much snubbed out. That's a fact! And what loyal fan wouldn't piss and moan after seeing their beloved character who gave them more than six straight years of epic reading pleasure get blown waaay the hell out of character, then get months of on-and-off writing (a few, short good runs with many, MANY head-scratching, aggravating falls and crashes), and then finally fall off the face of the Earth for more than a year. Still, I am very glad that there are plans in the works for Cass in Fabian Nicieza's Red Robin and Gail Simone's Birds of Prey. Now if only someone else *cough* Miller *cough* could see the light. . . .

BUT I absolutely agree that regardless of how fans feel, it's plain stupid to resort to incessant vulgar insults and constantly being a rude @$$hole especially when we have expert witnesses like Gail who say that actions like this are doing much more harm than good and will only end bad for all of us.

On a lighter note, I swear that I will send a letter of appreciation to Bryan Q. Miller (or any other writer) if I ever see something like this happen:

In fact, I'm tweeting this pic to BQM!

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  1. chrisblue77, it's not my true name, but is my Internet name, I use it everywhere. Other people enjoy the anaminthony of fake identity, an avatar of some ideal, the sock.
    I stopped buying DC when they killed Super Girl, so I wasn't following the Bat stories.
    One day I was in st. John's,I cant rember why, it might have bin a CT scan( things get a little fuzzy). I was in Chapters buying who knows what, and I saw this thing in the comic rack.
    It looked like Bat Girl, it had the ears the symbol and most import boobs, but it wasn't ?Bat Girl. It was some ones sick jerks joke. I didn't buy "No Mas Land #0"
    Years latter...I bought my first real computer, the Internet a world of so-called information, crackpot sights, I even hear there's porn? I Googled everything, UFOs over Shag Harbour, Elf Quest, Mothman, Lithia Lovelace, Cthulhu. Then Bat Man.
    There was alot to read, a sea of coffee latter, it was don. No my second reading I started on the links, and you know how that gos. Thank you Wikipedia, you've given us all ADD.
    There were several name I didn't recognize, one was Cassandra Cain, after reading her page I wanted to know more. More information trickled in mainly scans of pages, that was the clincher. And now what started as curiosity has become obsession.
    Why do we love Cassandra Cain Wayne?
    Shes a wolf in Bats clothing, a ninja gimp,
    a girl.