Monday, December 20, 2010

Cass & Steph: Soul Sisters

I was (and still am, actually) pondering about my last post (over at the Spider-Man Crawl Space: Message Board) where I said that I'm unsure whether Steph can still say that Cass is her best friend. In my honest opinion, it should be undeniable that Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown had one of, if not the very best friendship in all of DC. Theirs was special. It had an embracing warmth that I couldn't find in other DC or Marvel titles. Their friendship has even transcended the physical level and entered each other's subconscious and unconscious mind (appearing as mental apparitions). 
Out of everyone in the Batfamily, Steph was the ONLY one that Cass really opened up to. If Batman served as her father-figure and Babs as her mother-figure, then Stephanie Brown was the closest thing that Cassandra had for a sister. Her soul sister. And vice-versa. 

Whenever Steph needed help, Cass was always, ALWAYS there for her. When Steph needed training, Cass was there. Even when Batman forbade Cass to train Steph, when Steph showed up at her door, she ignored Batman's orders and continued training her. When Steph needed someone to talk to (even when she didn't to), Cass was there. When Steph was given the Robin mantle, she celebrated by teaming up and fighting crime with Cass. When Batman fired Steph from the Robin mantle, Cass was there for her. 

Cass truly cherished her friendship with Steph. When Steph went missing, Cass would NEVER stop asking Oracle if she knew where she was. When Cass found out that her only real friend was "dead" (staged death, but Cass didn't know), she was devastated. At Steph's funeral, Cass cried and said that she couldn't even remember the last time she cried. Steph's "death" affected Cass more than anyone else (even more so than Tim). When Tim visited Cass in Hong Kong and offered her her old Batgirl costume, the first thing that she said was that Steph had and needed the Batgirl mantle. Direct orders from Batman and even her beloved mantle didn't matter. Cassandra ALWAYS put Stephanie first.

Among the things he's said about Cass, BQM already said that she doesn't fit anywhere in his book for this year. So I can only keep my fingers crossed and make a wish whenever I see an airplane in the sky at night in hopes of one day seeing Cass and Steph back together again.

I'll end my rant with a [link to a] fan-made music video I found that faithfully encompasses what I think, how I feel, and how much I truly miss seeing my favorite character friendship in all of comics.

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  1. Nice clip about their friendship... Here's my favorite one that's just a straight-up tribute to Cass and the creators who worked on her: