Sunday, December 5, 2010

Greetings and Welcome!

Hi there and welcome to the Cassandra Cain Network! Thanks to my wonderful friend, Stella, host of the famous Batgirl to Oracle: The Barbara Gordon Podcast, I have been inspired and have ultimately decided to start my very own blog on my favorite Batgirl and top DCU character of all time, the one and only Cassandra Cain! So what can you expect from this blog?

First and foremost, I will be bringing you reviews of all major Cassandra Cain-related comics. This will include any and all issues that I deem essential to Cassandra's history, as well as the entire Batgirl Volume 1, the Batgirl mini-series and even the highly controversial "One Year Later" issues. *gasp* Plus, every so often/when I find the time, I will be posting short essays exploring my thoughts on topics such as why Cassandra deserved the Batgirl mantle, what real life martial art matches Cassandra's usual fighting style, and what does the future hold for Cass? I will also try to keep you informed on any current Cass Cain news, announcements, appearances and cameos. Oh, and keep an eye out for your daily weekly dosage of Cass Cain trivia! All this and more!

Once again, welcome to
The Cassandra Cain Network!!!

Until next time,
Fight on, Cass lovers! Fight on!


  1. Fantastic Noctis - I've been enjoying your long (sometimes very long!) tweets recently and I'd been thinking you should start your own blog!

    I look forward to reading and learning more about Cassandra with you.


  2. Haha. Yes I have been quite the twitter bird as of late. Unfortunately this particular blog will be for Cassandra and Cassandra only (or at least I'll try to keep it that way); so until I initiate the site-name change--from the current "" to ""--Twitter will remain as my proverbial b!+@#. :)

    Anyway, thanks for dropping by and leaving my first ever blog comment! Christmas cookies and rum-laced eggnog to you good sir!


  3. Not a bad blog you have here Noctis.

    If you want an additional hand in throwing up trivia or essays for Cassandra, I'm more than willing to offer my help.
    P.S. I'm the administrator of the Cass Cain Mainframe. If you can think of any additions to the Mainframe, feel free to let me know.