Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekly Dosage of Trivia

Hey Cass fans. Another week has arrived and that means everyone gets another fresh dosage of Cass Cain trivia!

  • According to the "Batman: No Man's Land" novel by Greg Rucka, Cassandra's name was given to her by Barbara "Babs" Gordon aka Oracle. Her actual name is unknown, though it is most likely her father, David Cain, never gave her a name in the first place.
  • For most of her early comic book run up until Batgirl Vol 1 : #12, Cassandra's name was not used. Instead, Cass would respond only to "Batgirl" as her name. Moreover, in the early issues of Batgirl Vol 1, Cass would become visibly annoyed when someone, for example Babs, called her Cassandra rather than Batgirl. However, in Batgirl #17, Cass softened up and allowed Babs and the rest of the Bat-family to address her as Cassandra or Cass.
  • The real name of Lady Shiva, Cassandra's mother, is Sandra Wu-San.

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