Thursday, December 9, 2010


Hey Cass lovers!

So I was sitting and sipping tea on my apartment balcony a couple minutes ago admiring the abnormally quiet night and wondering why they call Assam Black Tea "black tea" when its color is clearly brown and not black. Oh and as a little Cass Cain trivia tidbit, that drink is Cass' favorite. :)

Anyway, I thought to myself that since this site is dedicated to Cassandra Cain, using my usual online handle for its URL address is quite inappropriate. So I decided to use the site's name as its URL instead. Therefore, I will be changing it to:

The URL change won't be taking effect right away though--I want to figure out if I can forward people from the original URL ( to that new one. But I'll be posting another update right when I do make the change.

Another update that I'd like to announce is a new weekly feature that I'm planning to do called "Quote Moment of the Week". It's pretty self-explanatory; each week I'll be posting a random Cass Cain moment from different books. I still haven't decided if I'll just type down the quotes (Easy/Lazy Route) or post a scan of the page where the quote came from (Work Route). I will probably post the first "MotW" some time next week.

That's it for now! Until next time,

Fight on Cass lovers! Fight on!

[EDIT: I took Stella's comment below into consideration and will change this on-going weekly segment to "Moment of the Week". I apologize for any confusion. Your understanding will be greatly appreciated!]


  1. The quote of the week may be difficult if you go in chronological order...Cass doesn't speak for a while! ;)

  2. Well, yes. Before Cass got her brain rewired, she didn't speak much (though she wasn't mute). Still, I'll be posting quotes about her--a bunch from Babs and Bruce in particular. And no, I won't be going in chrono order. :P hahaha.

    My plan is to pull open my Cassandra Cain drawer and randomly pull out an issue, though there are several issues that I already have in mind. *shrugs* Oh well, I'll be posting one by the end of the week.

    Oh! And a warm Christmas cookie...erm...make that an entire dozen of cookies and a glass of Virgin eggnog (I got spiced rum if you want to add some fun in your drink) to you, my good friend, for being the inspiration for this site.

    Cheers and Merry Christmas!