Monday, January 24, 2011

CCN Update

Hey there, Cassandra Cain fans! Sorry for the lack of updates as of late. I've been quite busy these past couple of days and haven't had the time or energy to do much of anything, but I digress.

First of all, I'm happy to announce a new feature that I will be showcasing every month here at the Cassandra Cain Network called

"The CCN Fight Highlight of the Month"

The premise is pretty self-explanatory; every month I will choose one of Cassandra's top fights and post scans of the major fight scenes. I'll have the first fight up before the end of this week.

Second, the entire CCN staff is busy gearing up for one of the biggest celebrations of the year,
Cassandra Cain's birthday!!!

That's right, Cass fans! And I don't mean "birthday" as in her comic book debut; Cassandra's actual birthday (verified by her father, David Cain) is January 26. So, what does CCN have in store for that special day? Well, for starters, we're going to try and find out the age of our dear birthday girl. Then we're take you back to Cassandra's first party ever. Then we're going to party! And who knows, maybe we'll even see a guest appearance from the cape crusader of the night!

So remember to mark your calanders, folks! 
The Cassandra Cain Network proudly presents:
Wednesday, January 26, 2011

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