Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"To Cassandra Cain with Love" Part 1 - Daddy's Gift

Now, live from the CCN News Desk it's Lily O'Doro!
Hello everyone and welcome to a very special edition of the CCN News Desk Report, 
"To Cassandra Cain with Love!"
To celebrate Cassandra Cain's wonderful birthday today, I'll be bringing you highlights of the times when our beloved birthday girl received gifts from the special (and not so special) people in her life.

And being the daddy that he is, David Cain is our first highlighted gift-giver!
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Awww. Cain broke out of Blackgate (again) just so he can give his daughter a birthday present. Well, that's all I have for n. . .
Hold on, Ms. O'Doro.
Oh! Joining me now is the owner and president of the Cassandra Cain Network, Noctis. Hello again, good sir! You sure are out and about today!
Haha, yes. I'm just trying to do my part for today's celebration. But I digress. Before we end this special episode of the CCN News Desk, I have one more little tidbit to add about David Cain's gift to Cassandra. Although Cass didn't recognize the knife at first, she soon remembered its significance and sentimentality . Roll the footage please!
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Oh, I just love seeing Cassandra when she was a little girl. She's so cute! And look at that big smile on Cain's face! They both looked so happy!
This was indeed quite a touching and heartwarming moment. And remember, all scenes used today are from:
Batgirl #37 (Apr 03) - "Thicker Than Water"
Writer: Kelley Puckett
Penciller: Damion Scott
Inker: Robert Campanella
Colorists: Jason Wright
And with that, I need to see how things are going at the Carpe Diem Club Room.

I'll be seeing you! And that's all for now. Remember to check back again soon for more Cassandra Cain Birthday Bash news, updates, highlights, and more found only here at
This is Lily O'Doro and remember,
Fight on, Cass lovers! Fight on!

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