Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekly Dosage of Trivia

Ah! Guten tag, meine Freunde! My name is Dr. Nacht, resident physician and head bio-mechanical engineer here at Cassandra Cain Network. Herr Noctis is. . .how you say. . . "unavailable at the moment". So today it is I who will be administering your injection of nichtigkeiten. Hmmm, according to Herr Noctis's records, you shall be receiving 30CCs of CCN Trivia serum IV; Main programming component:
"Cassandra Cain's Batgirl Costume"
So, meine Freunde, let's begin, shall we?
  • ~Cassandra's Batgirl costume is a modified version of the Version 2 Batgirl costume made and worn by Helena Bertinelli (aka Huntress) during the Gotham City No Man's Land days. It was given to Cass after Batgirl BATMAN ordered Bertinelli to step down as Batgirl and hand over her costume to him (*Legends of the Dark Knight: #120).
  • ~The cape on Cass' Batgirl costume is the largest amongst all of Batman's sidekicks' costumes. Due to its large size, Cass would occasionally use her cape as a sort of cloak. She also has a habit of holding onto the lower corners of the cape when she is up on rooftops allowing air to blow into it.
  • ~There were several others who shortly donned Cassandra's Batgirl costume. These included:
  • Rose Wilson aka Ravenger
  • Ling aka the original Lynx
  • Stephanie Brown aka the current Batgirl
Now, that wasn't too bad was it? Because you were such a good patient, I will leave you with this happy image. Auf Wiedersehen!

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  1. I want to wear Sexy Batgirl Halloween Costume this Halloween. Batgirl just so sexy, even sexier than Catwoman!!