Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Guess who's not welcome?

Before I head to the gym to let out some pent up stress and frustration, I want to quickly tell everyone about Barbara Gordon's Welcome List for her current base of operations, Kord Tower. But first, for those who aren't familiar with Kord Tower, here's a brief description from ComicVine.com:

With the Birds of Prey fully operational again, Barbara Gordon deemed it necessary to set up a new base of operations within Gotham City. Figuring the best way to hide in Gotham City is to hide in plain sight, Barbara decides to set up base at the top of Kord Tower, a newly opened giant skyscraper dedicated to her deceased friend and ally, Ted Kord, the former Blue Beetle. Barbara was able to obtain an entire floor to herself that is only accessible by access code. She also as able to hide secret entry ways through out Gotham City, utilizing the underground tunnels Jean-Paul Valley used during his time as Azrael. Inside her floor, Creote, one of Barbara's henchmen, works as security only allowing a select few of Barbara's closest friends and allies into the base.
Pretty cool, huh? The blue paint is also a neat homage to the late Ted Kord. Anyway, so in the recent Birds of Prey #7, Babs gave Batman (Bruce Wayne) a list of the individuals with interior access to the tower.
Click for a closer look.
So her ex-flame, Dick, is welcome. Her old wannabe Batgirl/do-gooder-in-training, Charlie aka Misfit, is welcome. Oh look, Bruce's son, Damian, isn't welcome. I guess he has to wait outside whenever Dick goes over to visit. Eh, Damian's a Grade-A dick so it's no big deal. But guess who else isn't on the Welcome List?
So everyone--well, almost everyone--in the Batfamily and the Birds, plus her two new lackeys and Daddy dearest, are welcome but not the girl who she happily and willingly endorsed to take on her Batgirl mantle? Not the girl who saved her father twice from getting his brains blasted out? Not the girl who looked up to her like a mother? No offense to Misfit, but Misfit is welcome but not Cass?!?! Freakin Misfit?!?! COMMON!!!
All I can say right now is WTF! Seriously, WHAT THE F***!
Did Cass do something to piss Babs off while she (Babs) was gallivanting around with her Birds trying to help the poor, troubled meta-powered teens of the world? You may ask, "But what about the evil things she did during One Year Later?" Well, seeing as Babs, along with most of the Batfamily asshats besides Tim, didn't do jack-sh*t to help her, I highly doubt she can hold that against her. 

What the hell is going on, DC?! This is like leaving a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, the fastest production car on the planet holding the Guinness World of Records-certified top speed of 431km/h (268mph) and is also 2010's most expensive car in world according to Forbes, inside an old, dusty garage to rust and rot. Why?! Just . . . WHY?!

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